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Psychologically Impaired
1 January
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A dreamer without dreams holds generically ideal and unimaginative perceptions of theirself while contemplating the illustrious individual they believe to be. When describing oneself behind an evolved form of anonymity in this digital age, the individual creates assumptively appealing, attemptively unique descriptions and lists suggesting personal relations with perceptively impressive but typically common words : adjectives : phrases : entities, consequently only succeeding in describing the superficial identity they enjoy envisioning themselves as. The increased necessity for specific definitive words, i.e., the inability to provide a keenly acute reflective personal description, suggests self-identification uncertainty and directly resonates a decrease in one's actual knowledge of themself.

In other words, most livejournal profiles/interests suck. Cut that shit out.

Dabba dabba doo, I like poo.

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(March 2, 2005)
pseudointellectual pontification